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Please guys, no more soon, out of the door, around the corner, or any other vague time frame

Yeah it's kinda funny has how this has gotten worse -- the EA announcement was done right. August. Maybe. Everyone got that COVID was real and guesstimates are guesstimates. And the "soon" is going backwards.

I'd be happy with "we're shooting for a week but major bugs could ruin those plans" an estimate with some wiggle room.

Imo it's very understandable they don't give exact day of the patch - if they happen to discover a gamebreaking bug a day prior to patchday and it gets delayed, people are going to be like "YOU FUCKEN PROMISED".

But something like "probably this week/next week" would be very welcome. And would make people... not go crazy. If that soft deadline is to be missed anyway, they can always tweet "sorry guys, something that needs fixing came up, the patch is going to be delayed, likely a couple of days". That's all they'd need to do.

Idk, the communication was much better pre-EA release.