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no reason they can't give a reasonable time-frame, like "expected to go live between Nov. 30th and December 5th"

Any bugs in the patch can't be worse than what is already out there. This is also a production patch. they aren't claiming perfection like another studio that I am not naming.

The problem is, any timeframe given and not met will be met with outrage. They can't win no matter what they do. If they release with a bug that wipes all your saves after playing for 2 hours, people will scream. If they wait to release the day after they said they would, people will be offended and make claims that the devs kick puppies.

Maybe instead of "around the corner" Larian would've been better off just omitting any sort of timeframe. Just bluntly say that the next patch will wipe your saves if you take it. Whenever that comes.