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I get the call of Stadia, but you aren't being realistic by claiming it is the same as a $2k box. You don't need any where near a $2k system to play BG3. My PC is and old system I inherited from my deceased FIL some years back. You can get a significantly better one for $300 these days. I added a $170 NVidia 1650super. BG3 auto-set to "ultra" settings. If the PSU from the retired office computer I am describing isn't up to a 1650 super, it would be up to a 1650 vanilla, that I assume would also default to "ultra" settings. Its not just BG3 either. The 2077 that so many people here love to talk about has a recommended CPU of a i7-4790, that you can get in that $300 ex-office computer as well. another $500 on top of that and you'd blow away recommended setting for 2077, but not the real high end ray tracing without a fair bit more. Does Stadia give you cutting edge ray tracing? Stadia's cost looks to be $10 a month, plus whatever it costs to get that level of connectivity. I'm on cellular internet, so it wouldn't be a good option for me regardless, but lets figure another $20 for the added bandwidth for most. If we figure it is the equivalent of a ~$500 machine, reduce the cost by the ~$100 for the controller, and we have a $400 PC premium. That gets paid for in just over a year by my numbers. Now we get these issues and the possibility for me to mod my games, and play off-line, the PC option looks better and better, especially if we consider it will still have value in a year.

My apologies. I'm a Canadian so I'm talking Canadian dollars. And if I was going to get a new machine to play the game on I would want it to be at its highest settings. I was also kind of exaggerating. Artistic license. Hahaha.

When it comes to the cost of stadia, I don't have a 4K television. I don't have 5.1 surround. Because of that I don't need anything more than the free account for stadia. It doesn't cost me anything per month I just buy the game just like any other platform. I live in the middle of Canada. I am in a rural place and I can barely get enough internet to run stadia but so far it works pretty good for me.

I am also old. I was old when Baldur's Gate 2 was released 20 years ago. Even older now. Hahaha. I don't play 15 different games. I play one. Baldur's Gate 3. I've been waiting for it for two decades and I'm loving the game. Certainly not worth buying a new computer just to play one game even if it ends up being the best game ever.

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