Despite i really LOVE the game realy it s a very good game and i took a big pleasure to play a it. The control of the Camera is not very Good.

It' will be very cool to not have Lock on PNJ for scroll fromm border of screen and so to be need to press a key. moreover it will be very cool to have the near First Person to able us a free look (like look up down etc). And also have a Better DeZoom.

In Fact a total control of camera will be the better.

Wasteland 2 DC have the same problem but a man have do a MOD that Completly redone Camera Control and it's wonderfull completly change the pleasure of gaming. So if a solo man could do a mod for have a cool camera control i think a Studio Could also.

I realy hope somthing about Camera control and sorry to have post this thread it s not to complain only cause i love the game but the interfacce is perfectble and we are on beta so i take my luck to try to have a perfect game (and we are near of that laugh ).

Another Thing It's a horrible to could not select all carachter a give order like Stealth (or other type of command) cause do it one by one is a torture.

Thx in Advance Best Regards ExA

Bien mal acquis ne profite qu'après !!!