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Patch 3 (which hasn’t been named yet) is just around the corner, and with it comes the first changes that affect story. Unfortunately, this means Patch 3 will introduce the first save incompatibility, transitioning to the new version.

Fret not, however! Each patch will come alongside a secondary branch which will allow you to continue playing the previous version with your existing savegames, until you decide you’re ready to play on the latest version.


Note: Branching unfortunately won’t be available on Stadia for the moment.

First, I should say that I am playing on Stadia.

So it has now been 7 days and I still cannot play the game as I know my saves will become incompatible.

If I knew that 'round the corner' meant in the distant future I could have finished my current game.

So your mileage may vary, but for me this is very bad communication.