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Here is my take on cover, as a response to Gearcompass
Normally D&D 5e doesn't have hig ground or low ground, which BG3 does. BG3 does however not have cover, which 5e has. In my eyes the high ground mechanics are an replacement for the cover rules. It serves the same purpose as cover, and probably has less calculations than cover could need therefore speeding up combat loading times.

Cover has nothing to do with advantages and nuances exists in D&D.
The balance is absolutely not the same and those mechanics have nothing in common... You compare Apples with bananas

Looking locally at the two and ignoring the fact that logically (IRL) someone standing on a huge rock has no significant advantage over someone on lower ground when both try to shoot each other he is not wrong.

@herrkrabbe If you really want to understand and maybe change your mind about why current high ground advantage is bad, please read the first post here: https://forums.larian.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=719930#Post719930. TL;DR; it destroys dozens of other aspects of D&D, some of which are already implemented in BG3.