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Not the I want to be a contrarian, but as much as I know the English language the expression "around the corner" means "not far away, or going to happen soon" [due to the fact that English is a language I learnt for fun I got help by the Cambridge vocabulary].

Not far away.

Going to happen soon.

I get that the second version of the meaning uses the "going to" that means something thas is bound to happen sometime into the future because it has been already planned, but I'm pretty sure that people read it as "not far away", something that is comprehensible, people craves for immediate satisfaction specially if they pay. Moreover a lot of players are non native users of English, a situation that implies a lesser understanding of the nuances of idioms like the one used by Larian]

Something a good social media comunicator (forums are elders of the social platforms) must be aware of.

Larian's staff made a bold move, someone doesn't need to be a troll to freak out after such an annoucement, one that, also, comes out in a period when people is more stressed than usual because of the pandemic and thus searching for ways to let it out.

I learnt to be patient (try to be a middle school teacher without having an almost infinite reserve of patience laugh laugh laugh laugh ) so I don't care, but I get if people start to loose it and start to feel frustrated every and each day that it's summed up for the launch of the patch (a patch that has been advertised as something that will bring big changes to the game, so much indeed that there's gonna be incompatibility with the current saved games).

with that being said....