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Patch 3 (which hasn’t been named yet) is just around the corner, and with it comes the first changes that affect story. Unfortunately, this means Patch 3 will introduce the first save incompatibility, transitioning to the new version.

Fret not, however! Each patch will come alongside a secondary branch which will allow you to continue playing the previous version with your existing savegames, until you decide you’re ready to play on the latest version.


Note: Branching unfortunately won’t be available on Stadia for the moment.

First, I should say that I am playing on Stadia.

So it has now been 7 days and I still cannot play the game as I know my saves will become incompatible.

If I knew that 'round the corner' meant in the distant future I could have finished my current game.

So your mileage may vary, but for me this is very bad communication.

Exactly. Imagine getting news that you can't continue on because at any moment your game is going to be wiped and it's coming AROUND THE CORNER. And you stop playing thinking it's coming AROUND THE CORNER.

Over a week later, it's radio silence. No one is asking them to release a major patch before it is finished but can someone from Larian just say what is going on and how much longer it takes to go around a corner.

The way they have handled this whole thing is going to start affecting their reputation and they're already getting heat from other aspects of this game. It's not that difficult to communicate to someone.