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I'm just wondering what "just around the corner means" is it the corner 10000 ks away or the next turn. This game has clearly been released far too early, and as a gamer I know delaying tactics when I see them. I'm sorry maybe you guys should have kept this one in the oven for a few more years as it is in grave danger of becoming irrelevant long before ever being released. Don't give us rubbish like that give us a date you know tomorrow or the next day. In fact just around the corner is now getting cobwebs on it. And as for "pre patch announcement" you've got to be kidding this just another mindless delaying tactic.

Which part of "Early Access" wasn't clear, genius? "the game has been released far too early" Jeebus, not even the BASICS!

Having said that, however, I would like to reitarate that "just around the corner" shouldn't equate with "more than a week later". Unless the corner is that of the Titanic. Sunk.

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