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100% fact. I love Larian and I understand that we bought an Early Access game, but we did spend $60 on this game, and are essentially in a limbo right now where we can't even play it at all for an extended period of time because anything we do will be wiped out. That is part of the process, and it will happen again, but there is zero excuse for such lack of communication. There should be community managers/etc in these forums and on social media explaining where they are in the process, how long to expect to wait, and maybe even give a glimpse at the patch notes. At the very least, just a ballpark ETA of "days," "weeks," etc. I am disappointed right now for sure.

If you are playing on Stadia, I understand. You can't really play with ease of mind knowing the saves could be broken in 1 day, 7 days, or x weeks.

If you are playing on a local game on a PC, than you will not lose your Act 1 playthrough, because they have informed you about 7 days ago and you can read. If you are not on Stadia, I have zero pity for sure.

Predicting time of the update is a lose/lose situation for them : lose if you name a date and pass it, lose if you do not specify a date, but yes it would be better to announce a "ballpark ETA" as you say mostly for players on Stadia.