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Love the Game, but after 2 months and 160+ hours it was time for a more substantive patch than just basically balance tweaks. Come On Dev's there is not much here to continue playing the same content. How about a new class, or multi-classing or something? Level 5? I'm sorry, but the changes made today will not drive me to play more. You can sell more units if you make bigger changes. Hopefully you add real content/story changes before the Holidays. Give people a reason to play again and/or have more people buy in to see that new stuff.

I appreciate the hours you have put in to the EA so far, but this was the precise reason I didn't. I wanted the opportunity to play again with each large-ish update.

There's enough here for me that I will dive in and play a second character and explore some of the content I missed in the first play-through and by all accounts that was quite a lot (I only have 40hrs). So not supposed to be a yay me, but this is very much going to be an issue for many going forward, that Balance and tweak updates, or control updates will not benefit those who heavily invested their precious time into the story across various characters and playthroughs.

Given we know the NEXT patch is scheduled for after the holidays, maybe just dabble but leave it alone until after Christmas? Tough one I know.

I have Cyberpunk to keep me company over the festive period at least.

Oh and a thanks to Larian for the update, keep up the good work (I am looking forward to the new Jump ammendment for followers and the limitation of surfaces)