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@Riandor You are correct, that was my point. For the people who have been playing hundreds of hours and helping to improve the game, something substantive would re-motivate us to continue helping Larian build a better game. Honestly, one class, or higher level cap or multiclassing would have given us "all in" types something to drool over. Am I missing something, but that didn't seem like a huge patch/story rewrite. Unlike yourself, I have completed the EA content multiple times, doesn't Larian want heavy play times? 2 months in and all we get is balancing? Meh

I get the impression that is what is coming after the holidays and simply takes quite a bit longer to implement.
Plus I assume they wanted to show the community that they were listening by adding things we asked for.

I appreciate that sucks for you more than me, I would definitely prefer more content, but I am taking it easy before full release anyway as I want to chuck a load of hours at it then rather than being utterly sick of Act 1 by the tme the game comes out properly.