Oh FFS Larian. You're going to shave years off my lifespan, I'm on a "gonna be the best game ever"/"blasphemy against the genre" rollercoaster. Here I am losing hope and you release this Good Patch(TM). How dare you. (And I can't be mad at Swen, the man has ridiculous Charisma.)

In seriousness: looks great! So many requested changes. And, what's important, in different areas. Story, companions, mechanics, QoL, visuals. No "heavy stuff", but the "heavy stuff" (major overhauls/reworks, new systems) is of course going to take more time. (Party size could be easily changed though. Hint, hint.) One of the things I'm most worried about for this game is Larian's stubbornness and unwillingness to change. This patch makes me more optimistic about it.

Btw, I was going to casually drop the new CP2077 photo model trailer on these forums, but now I see Michael tweeted about it. laugh Hardly something of high priority, but eventually it would be nice to have a photo mode in BG3. (Along with portrait studio. Hint, hint.)

Originally Posted by mrfuji3
Unfortunate that we won't get new classes/story content, but it makes sense to prioritize important game mechanics/game feel early in the EA process.

Why? You're probably right about the story content (Act 1 only, as was said), but I don't see why new classes, races and companions couldn't be added alongside tweaks and fixes (hopefully some rehauls). Those need testing as well. And are likely at more or less advanced stage of development.