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Unfortunate that we won't get new classes/story content, but it makes sense to prioritize important game mechanics/game feel early in the EA process.

Why? You're probably right about the story content (Act 1 only, as was said), but I don't see why new classes, races and companions couldn't be added alongside tweaks and fixes (hopefully some rehauls). Those need testing as well. And are likely at more or less advanced stage of development.

I'm not saying these things couldn't be added simultaneously, just that it's more important to test on far-reaching universal gameplay things (like surfaces) early on, when you have plenty of time to test and refine these changes.

The new classes/races are going to be added regardless and should mostly require bug-fixing, not iterative testing. Especially since we basically have all the types of classes already (known&prepared caster, rogue, fighter)
Companions, however, I'd put into the category of "important to add soon" because their dialogue and interactions with other companions will probably require a lot of iterative changes.

Fair points. Still, I think classes will need testing in terms of how the mechanics play out, not just bug testing. Some of the classes have potentially problematic features, like Druid. Some should indeed be implemented later, once Larian knows what to do with reactions and similar mechanics (Bard, Paladin). Both classes and races need (narrative) interaction testing, though I suppose it's not a huge thing.

If, on the other hand, they want to throw the players a bone and release a low-workload class, Barbarian might be good (unless I'm underestimating the complexity of rage implementation).