I just started playing yesterday, and I'm new to this world, so take my suggestions for the uninformed spitballs that they are. I have played a lot of other RPGs extensively, so I know what goes on in general, though.

First, character creation has a lot of potential, but it is largely unrealized. The faces that exist are beautiful, but there just aren't enough of them. There should be more variety, with different... idk, personalities? to different faces. For example, try to have a few strong faces, a few gentle ones, some glamorous faces, shy, innocent, sly, etc. As it is now, there were like 2 attractive faces and 2 less attractive ones per race. I'm sure you can see the faces people choose, and I would bet that there is a clear winner for each race. There just aren't enough options.

Hair was another area for improvement. Again, the options that are there are great, but it would be nice to see more long styles. I'm not expecting Sephiroth - I know that long hair can create clipping issues and is a huge PITA to incorporate - but it's a little sad when I look more fantasy IRL than my RPG PC. For men, maybe this is too pointed, but a style with longish straight hair that isn't either totally pulled back or covering half his face would be nice. I guess I may have to wait for mods for this.

Oh, and maybe this is too niche too, but pupil options would be nice. Give us the option to look blind, please. And eyebrows options, especially for males.

The colors in character creation are beautiful and varied, but sometimes the color palette representation does not reflect the actual color once it's on the character. Eye color is a good example. I was looking for a dark green, maybe with a little brown. All of the greens were beautiful, clear greens that looked pretty light once I chose them even if they were more evergreen or olive on the palette.

Again, I just started, but the classes feel pretty similar and there are so many scrolls that it's easy to erase the differences that are there with items. I think that's totally appropriate for early game, but I do hope that changes as the game progresses. Maybe make scrolls a little less common later on.

So far, the camera is really annoying. Maybe I'll get better at it, but right now I am struggling.

Halsin and Abdirak need to be romance options. Pretty please.

I'll post more suggestions as I go on, and if there is a better place to do so, please direct me. Thanks! I'm having a lot of fun so far, so please don't take these suggestions as complaints. Early access exists for a reason, right? I'm just trying to help.