If this was already suggested in detail, please ignore.

So now that patch 3 released (I'm loving it btw; thanks for listening) and we now got 2 short rests per long rest, instead of one, I'm still concerned about the urgency/time pressure of the story or whatever you want to call it. Basically, as has been discussed before, the tadpole doesn't actually feel like a problem, since we are not showing any signs of ceremorphosis.
Since important role play moments, story pieces, and opportunities to develop relationships with your companions are all still happening at camp, I am now even more concerned than before the patch. You can basically decide if you want to really roleplay, and rest as little as possible in order to not turn into a mindflayer, or develop realionships with companions, etc.

My idea for introducing some sense of urgency to the story is to add actual consequences if you rest too often. Specifically, it could be done so that every long rest (above a certain threshold, of course) makes it more difficult to "be good". For example, at the scence where Minthara is at the gates of the druid grove, where she commands you to betray Zevlor: if you wanted to resist, but you have rested too often (and therefore allowed the tadpole to grow more powerful) there will be a wisdom saving throw. The DC gets slightly higher every time you rest. If you fail, you cannot do the "good thing" and have to obey the absolute.

What are your thoughts on this? Any ideas on how to improve on this? Or do you have a completely different suggestion?