Just got this recent update and updated my nvidia at the same time. It was running amazingly well on the ultra settings and I turned off a few bits like bloom , sharpening, and light shadows just for that extra bump. But here we are just a few hours later and it is now running like a slideshow. This happens even when I completely lower the resolution and turn the settings down to low. Not sure what is going on but it kinda makes it unplayable. Like I said it was running great on the ultra setting (which is also the recommended for me) and now after this update it is really bad. Gonna keep starting it up every once in awhile to see if it comes out of this rut but it might just be I gotta wait a bit for... something? I'm not posting this to send hate. I of course know this is EA and stuff like this is normal but just in case others are having this problem after this update I wanted to post this to show it is happening, at least for me. I also don't have any mods in right now. I did before this patch so I am not sure why removing and starting cleanly for the patch would cause a problem like this. I also haven't been running the game with Geforce experience because it won't scan it for some reason even though it says its supported. So this problem is happening without any helpers. Sorry for the long spiel just getting my piece in.

Love the game tho. Little sad about the ground effect change from the cantrips. In my dnd games we absolutely make it apparent that if you run on top of ice or fire s*** gon' happen so I don't really like the change.