So, I went through the game again.

Many changes are cool:
- Automatic jumps
- Spell level selection
- Now it's harder to fail dialogues
- Laezel is more cutie bitch than she was in the original, her character has been preserved, but she began to behave towards the player better. I think her rating among players should go up.
- Fixed attack on Druid Grove in case Zevlor is dead. One of the guards guarding the gates becomes the leader of the tieflings. Great job!
- Experience is also given for dialogues
- The horrible grimaces from Kagha's face disappeared (or so it seemed to me)
- Goblins in an abandoned village no longer attack us in an evil passage (as far as I remember, they became aggressive at the same time as the rest of the goblins in the goblin camp)
- Two short rests
- I think a lot of new dialogs have been added to the "Talk to the Dead" spell. Or, before I was just not attentive enough. I wonder how are you doing with the "Mind Reading" spell

And immediately bugs:
- Dead Mind Flayer at the start of the game when trying to look the body weighs -1 kilograms

-The elevator can start and leave one of the party members.

- In a goblin camp, a group starts climbing stairs when not asked to. This takes place near the location with the cultist Loviavar.
I think this is due to the incorrect perception of height after the automatic jumps were added.

- A bug with a merchant, I'll attach a screen later. When I sold all the junk to the first merchant in the tiffling camp, the icons for those goods turned into a set of zeros and ones.

- Artificial intelligence in the battle for the grove is very strange. Thus, when we kill three gate guards, we also have moves of 20-30 goblins who just run somewhere far away without any sense when I need to finish off one last guard. This artificially drags on the fight.
Further, these goblins do not run correctly to the location where the druids are. At the same time, all the druids are in one place, even having summoned ogres it was difficult for me to defeat them.

- Bug in talking with Volvo at the goblin camp when he is performing on stage.
Either answer starts a complete repetition of the dialogue

- When we resurrect "all" companions in a hooded skeleton, we get approval points from all companions - not just those who were resurrected.

And what Larian dont did:

- Tieflings still do not react when the camp gate is destroyed. This looks very pathetic, please fix it.

- When attempting to heal a dying Mind Flayer with Shadow Heart, it still heals first and then dies. The bug has not been fixed.

- Kagha root in the game, after killing Zevlor on the quest she gives, nothing happens.

- Commander Jacques (demon from Natuloid) does not give experience for a kill, a drop, a narrator's comment ... You don't have to try, I did it, nothing has changed. I was really looking forward to this Easter egg, and I was sure that it will finally be done. Apparently in the new patch?

- Some of the goblins on our way to the Moonrise Tower (which Minthara gave) are still aggressive. It is impossible (more precisely, very difficult) to pass them by without a fight. Larian needs to move the guards closer to the entrance to the camp, or make it possible to pass peacefully through dialogue.

Didn't have time to check:

Did the haystack treasure that the bull talked about in the tiffling camp?