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So you cant make a STR based rogue?

STR Rogue. Mainhand your finesse weapon, offhand attack with strength weapon.
Dragons Grasp is a Light weapon and can be dual wielded without the feat
if you're worried about low AC from Dex, pick a githyanki/Dwarf. Take the heavy armor feat at lvl 4(heavy armor +1 strength),now you don't need dex at all(unless you care about initiative). I understand EA has crap heavy armour, but digging around the files, you can see many +1 and +2 Heavy armours with 17-18 base AC + 1, +2 modify. Eventually a STR rogue could do very well.

As well ,you could open up with rapier poke sneak attack, switch weapons to something strength. You could use githyanki again, poke with a rapier for opening sneak attack, swap it to your offhand. get two more pokes. Next turn. swap to 2H sword, and wack with GWM feat. unequip, 2h sword, and offhand your rapier, for two more pokes lol. 2d12+1 +(modifiers) +10(GWM) with the Tyr Sword, 1d8 ,1d8 offhand as a thief.

Strength also has the benefit of Shoving, and Athletics(jumping). So there's that.

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