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The chain/unchain system is reserved for console platform, where it is better to control single character.

If Larian still wants to make it to console, they will never change it back to old crpg style.

Sadly but this is the truth. Just look at Dragon age, DOS2 was inspired by the party move style from DAO. And DAI is more a console game than a PC game with an awkward tactical system. Hope BG3 won’t follow the same pattern.

I don't see why controller support should torpedoe it. Pathfinder Kingmaker did it well, with a simple toggle between driving style movement and quick switch to cursor style with one of the thumbsticks. It's also a pretty seamless transition there between a mouse/keyboard and marquee type scheme to a controller based scheme, and they even bothered to put in a tutorial for each. Having seen it done I'd have thought they'd go with something much more like that to capture a more essential BG feel. PK style but in 3D and with camera rotation would have been next level Baldur's Gate! Alas

But I agree what they did here is way closer to DAO or their divinity titles than the old school crpg. They should have just gone straight to console if that was the plan. It already feels more like Dragon Age or Dark Alliance or Demonstone, than BG2 anyway. Right now it feels like playing a game that was designed for controller, but for some reason being forced to play it with a mouse and keyboard, which is just kind of annoying.

I think its all still more the UI that needs work, and the selection/command scheme that needs the work, and just get rid of the body block already for party members.

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