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Stadia has not updated yet.

Thanks. Any idea what kind of time frame we're looking at?

My guess would be tomorrow since it is getting late in the day now. Will post when I have been advised it is live.

I know it’s out of your (Larian’s) hands. I personally can be patient. But I would think that Stadia, who is trying to gain market share and convince people to buy a game in their platform over others, would be more timely with their patches. Consistently being behind is not a good way to attract EA customers.

Larian: if Stadia is always expected to be behind Steam, GOG, etc, could you kindly let us know in advance to set expectations? (“Stadia will be updated 3 days after the other platforms because the patch needs to deploy through the server fleet” or whatever). I bet there’s a team at Google you can work with to get this info.

Thanks for listening!