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Here to express my strong distaste for the "dumbing down" of characterisation because people complained that they were mean to the pc. Boooo. I don't think posting this will mean anything but the newer "happy families" changes are just sad.

Is it really? From what Larian said in the patch update, it should be "less annoying" (not criticizing every little thing you do), not "blander" (having no opinions). I was wondering what the player opinions are going to be.

Yeah, I know i'm going to be in the minority but still. I alway saw the approval-disapproval system as their own personal feelings towards the pc and peoples opinions of others do change based on their actions: imo I would have hidden approval completely from the players view and just had the dialogue change, but again that's just me and I highly doubt many people would have wanted anything like that. I personally don't think the change was a good idea, but I'm not going to get all bent out of shape over it.