I fully support a greater range of racial diversity. I would also like just... more variety with the elves in general. 3 of the heads look almost the same? I'm hispanic and have a small round face and would like some options that even vaguely reflect that. A couple of the dwarven faces come close but they look super white/irish. (I'm half Scottish and my mom looked like that but I don't lol.)

I think one of the elven heads at least looks east Asian.

Really, this is why we need sliders and head parts. I like how well the heads are crafted but the problem is that without sliders they will only ever cover a very narrow range of people.

I also think there should be more options for hair types. Most of the hair available is very straight. More wavy, curly, and afro-centric hair would be very welcome. (Even if it comes later down the line--Animal Crossing got around to it and I'm so happy with those devs!)