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Are you serious?
Making <Negative> criticism for feedback on the game is the whole point of this forum. Thanks to that, hey will you look at that! We got a GREAT patch. Thanks Larian.

I don't think this would of happened if everyone here were positive rose and peachy sugar coat-me lala landers just preaching how good the game is 24/7.
The concise critics/negativity and Larian listening IS what is bringing on change.

I'm gonna have to type a sentence now that I never suspected I would.

"I actually agree with mr_planescapist here."

The criticism IS important, and people shouldn't stop doing it. If everyone just posts "great game, 10/10, GOTY, perfect, love it, thx Larian, take my money (again), I am naming my baby Swen" all the time, the game doesn't get improved. Or at least, not AS improved as it could be.