Also, what's the purpose of restricting certain faces to only one of the available D&D races?

Like they go through all this effort to scan a human face and fashion a 3d model out of it, but then make it available only for Humans, or only Halflings, or only Dwarves? It seems highly inefficient, and a bit of a waste. Its kind of annoying as well, how everything in the appearance menu resets if you decide to switch from say an Elf to a Half-Elf midway through the char creation process. I get that heads can be subbed in rather easily with Mods, but why not just have every face available to every D&D race by default?

Sure Gith are oddballs, but we know those aren't just 1:1 scans of real people. Even there, the game could just Githyankify whatever basic face model you chose by giving them a snub nose and gaping maw. You know, the way long ears are tacked on for Elves, or horns tacked on for Tiefs. All the faces for all the races just seems like it would be a way better use of the art work their modelers have already done.

Like the OP mentioned...

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There are some gorgeous, diverse faces across the other races available for play, but those faces are not available for a female elf of any kind -- or even a half-elf. And that's really, really disappointing -- and I'm not sure why it is. Why can Tieflings, humans, dwarves, and halflings have features that resemble those of other races, but not elves?

If the head model already exists, we should just be able to use it for any of the D&D races available in the game.

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