Traditional according to what tradition though? Like an Alan Lee painting? D&D illustrations from the 1970s? The imps from Shakespeare or German folktales? Tall ethereal things so white they're glowing, like the Tuatha de Danann of Ireland? In Tolkien they don't even have pointy ears. The tradition is all over the place.

In any event we're still talking custom character options here right? Not changing the look of a prominant Elf companion, or the majority of Elf NPCs we encounter. So it really only affects the protagonist. Many people are just going to want a PC that looks like an idealized version of themselves. Still others are just going to play as an Elf for metagaming reasons, because they want dark vision or a bonus cantrip or whatever, not because they want to look like an alien Vulcan per se. For Tav the more options the better.

The OPs concerns are legimate, and anyway what's a few more head models really, when anyone who doesn't like what they're seeing can just skip to the next head like Mombi?

I've made a couple dozen toons for BG3, but have probably used the same couple faces every time. Its all mirror mirror on the wall isn't it? Just with a different haircut lol.

I don't know, I just can't see the harm. As noted they've already gone all-in for the 'Elves are just humans with pointy ears' aesthetic, so they might as well take it to its logical conclusion.

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