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You are basically saying that anyone who disagrees with you is by default wrong and mustn't be listened to. Please keep your "education" to yourself.
You're just trying to ignore me because you project whiteness onto me, which is a total failiure on your part, because I'm not white.

It's kind of a sad day when some privileged western liberal can just tell you that your opinion doesn't matter because you disagree with her and therefore you're morally evil while she virtuesignals about poor people of colour but only as long as they agree with her.
Keep your hypocritical western morality to yourself, mods will solve all of these problems anyway, so you can have your ethnic elves or whatever floats your boat.
You don't see me complaining about this stupidity even though my ethnicity isn't represented even amongst the playable humans in this game, and I'm glad for it because my race is not some bludgeoning tool to force people into submission.

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