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Overall, I can understand your indignation, I also love to create characters that are similar to myself.
But I do not see the point in changing the appearance of the races "for myself". It seems to me that this may violate lore.

I'd have more respect for the D&D lore if the creators didn't go cherry picking ftom various folklores and mythologies themselves. It's a patchwork setting anyway. So at this point tbh I don't care if more variety would be inconsistent with lore. All the playable fantasy races look very human-like to me, including the gith or tieflings. The body types, body postures, face mimicry - it's all the same. Elongating a skull or making face features more "pixie" isn't going to make them look less human. That's just a bit of cosmetics you might do for a Halloween costume. Mind flayers are about the only species that looks alien.