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You are basically saying that anyone who disagrees with you is by default wrong and mustn't be listened to. Please keep your "education" to yourself.
You're just trying to ignore me because you project whiteness onto me, which is a total failiure on your part, because I'm not white.

It's kind of a sad day when some privileged western liberal can just tell you that your opinion doesn't matter because you disagree with her and therefore you're morally evil while she virtuesignals about poor people of colour but only as long as they agree with her.
Keep your hypocritical western morality to yourself, mods will solve all of these problems anyway, so you can have your ethnic elves or whatever floats your boat.
You don't see me complaining about this stupidity even though my ethnicity isn't represented even amongst the playable humans in this game, and I'm glad for it because my race is not some bludgeoning tool to force people into submission.

I'm not saying that. What I'm saying, to you as well as others in both THIS thread and similar threads that I have seen, is that you appear to not UNDERSTAND what the original post is actually ABOUT. It's not that your opinions are WRONG, necessarily, it's that they aren't relevant to the heart of the topic raised by the poster.

I actually anticipated the "I'm not white" statement, which is why I phrased my post very specifically to NOT say that you, yourself (or any poster here) is actually white, or even to directly imply it. All of my discussion about whiteness was framed in the context of my OWN whiteness.

Whatever your ethnic background is, it's also not relevant to the points we are arguing here. Because you're saying the same KINDS of things that privileged white people (or other majority groups in various places around the world) often say in response to ANY request by a marginalized group to make the world a little more equitable. And they display a simple lack of understanding of what the other person is actually saying. You try to make it about other things, and it's not about other things. It's about the thing that it's about.

Privileged western liberal? Yeah, I'll cop to that. I am exactly that. I know that I am PROFOUNDLY privileged, in fact, compared to literally the majority of people on this planet. I'm very grateful for the comforts and advantages that my life provides (most of which I did not earn in any way other than coming out of the correct uterus). Does that mean I should simply not care about the issues that affect billions of other humans who don't share my privileges? "Not my problem, fuck em"? Is that what I should think?

I always find it really sad when someone uses the term "virtue signalling" any time someone expresses any thought which is based in empathy or social justice. It's like people who fall back on that ridiculous term can't even CONCEIVE of the idea that someone else might ACTUALLY care about issues which they do not care about, that someone else might ACTUALLY be speaking from a place of compassion and desire for fairness, that someone might, y'know, actually be SINCERE. It's like that is a totally foreign idea, because the only way they can imagine a person communicating is in some kind of tactical, cynical way just to engineer others' opinion of them. It's like they think that no one in the world actually BELIEVES in anything, that it's ALL just a big show in order to impress people. Is that what you think? Does that mean that you don't believe in anything? Does that mean that you have no convictions? Is every word out of your mouth some kind of gambit just to maneuver on some invisible chess board of human interaction?

Look, I'm sure some people really DO "virtue signal", in some cases. The idea is probably not entirely fictional. But when I see people use the term, they just automatically jump to paint ANY "liberal" messaging as that. They don't even consider the chance that the person they are accusing of this might actually care about what they're talking about. That sounds like a very depressing view of other people to have to carry around.