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I alway saw the approval-disapproval system as their own personal feelings towards the pc and peoples opinions of others do change based on their actions: imo I would have hidden approval completely from the players view and just had the dialogue change, but again that's just me and I highly doubt many people would have wanted anything like that.

I have mixed feelings on overt approval systems. On one hand, it's gamey and I don't like gamey, on the other, it's to show something that would be more visible in real life than it is in a video game (subtleties that would be a massive amount of work for little gain). I also like to know where I'm standing - and instant feedback makes me undestand why companions like or dislike me, as well as learn their opinions on things without it needing dedicated conversations.

I think it's better to have toned it down a bit actually. Cause you are the one running the show. Making compromises on some issues, why not, but being constantly harassed with disapproval dialogues is not fun at all.

Especially in situations where that specific companion was not present to see what happened and yet somehow "disapproves."