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It's not about actually caring about other people, you merely care about being right and your very narrow views to be pushed upon everyone as if they were universal.
If someone disagrees with you you will just refuse to engage and call whatever they said irrelevant to the discussion and expect them to accept this.
Well tough luck, I'm not accepting it.

When I said to drop the argument, I meant it.

Take 3 days away to consider your future behaviour.

Both of them posted after your initial warning, looking at the timing if one didn't see it because they were writing probably neither did the other. Shouldn't you be banning both or neither?

Ngl, it's also kinda funny that the non-white person is getting suspended after they got dragged into an argument about race and social justice by a white person. Not racist, make no mistake, just really hysterical.

And hey, if i get the bench too for saying this i'm also non-white, which would only add to the comicity levels in my book.