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One answer: Lore.

For consistency then are you against the ability to turn off customisation restrictions? I'm not aware of any lore that says there are tomato elves with bright red skin and a frizz of green hair but we can make them.

It seems a strange hill to die on to insist that for your enjoyment of the game other players shouldn't be allowed a greater range of customisation options, particularly when the game already lets you make characters that have skin and hair colours that don't match lore.

It gives the setting more consistency those are racial distinct features if one dislike such feature why chose that race in the first place? It is not like everything must look varied as humans. Otherwise what could stop me to make a white skinned Ghitianky that looks like Jhonny Depp?

It makes the setting more coherent and it create diversity among the race that contains. If everything would look the same what is the point to make a different race from the humans. Let's just make all humans.

Pretending a not Human race to have Human tracts is quite well... A pretense.