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1) Yes it does. As i play forgotten realms in both pen and paper and videogames since i was a child. Adding things that breaks the lore smash the credibility and the immersion the setting provides to me.

With respect, that's a you problem. I've also played tabletop for many years and if in my game, pen and paper or cRPG, I customise a character in a way that hasn't been shown in lore that in no way breaks your immersion. If Larian added more faces for a range of ethnicities and let you use them with any race, even if it required you unticking the customisation restriction setting, it in no way will affect your game.

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2)No really. I even used that feature to create my tiefling as my tiefling is supposed to be one coming from a regular fiend and not an Archdemon or Archdevil wich is perfectly in the lore. However from custom color palette to having elves with the bone structure to reflect different HUMAN RACE etnicy there is a whole lot of difference.

It really isn't and shows a double standard. You say that a face based on a non-Caucasian ethnicity would break and smash the game that you hold so dear, yet you're completely fine with non-Caucasian and even alien skin/hair tones. I'd suggest you reflect on that inconsistency because it doesn't point to anything good.

I don't have anything more to say beyond these points, I don't think anything more needs to be said. This boils down to you feeling like a very specific subset of options for other players is damaging to you, and I completely disagree. So I'm going to leave it there.

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