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I understand both sides of this argument. I think it would be great that elves in Faerun are depicted as an alien race that have these absurdly tilted eyes, really thin faces and pointed ears. The problem is that, especially in 5e, WoTC does not enforce these "rules" in their official art. So it's basically down to the artist on whether or not an elf looks like a creature from a different species or just a human with pointy ears.

Overall, I think the character creator needs to be expanded upon anyway. Where Larian wants to take to the character creator is up to them.

Actually that's not true at all. The imagine of elves in 5th edition still are following the bone structure the elves have supposed to have. Cut of the eyes. Long noses. In D&D and in faerun the elves are supposed not to look like humans there was a well made thread in forum that actually proved that.

Actually, that is not true at all. For every example there is of an elf that follows the rules, there is one that doesn't. There are plenty of elves in the PHB who do not have the oddly angled eyes that they should have, there is even an elf who has a very round face in there. Which again, proves my point of this coming down to the artist.

Provide links of that image.


The bard looks like my coworker with white hair and long ears. Eyes are not at the correct angle for an elf.

These guys near the beginning of the book look like humans with pointy ears.

This druid, whom I believe is really a half-elf, shows no signs of being part elf besides the stubby pointed ears.

This elf near the Spells section of the book I believe does not have those gaunt cheeks you would expect elves to have.