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AH yes i can see that howver i never specified gaunted cheecks the main difference in the elves bone structure is the cut of the eyes and the noses. The first one and the last one and even second one had those. I can agree on the OP on just one thing. Currently elves in bg3 looks way too caucasian and they are not supposed to be. ((i would love to create a super lovely elven lady like in the last picture with chubby cheeks.))

The real test here, and the point I'm making, is that if you give all of those examples I linked human ears, would you even notice that they weren't supposed to be human originally? I would say besides the last one you wouldn't. If the argument is elves are not supposed to look like humans, and they have their own distinct features besides just pointy ears, then WOTC is not enforcing that.

My point is another like i state perviously the imagine you linked still have the elven features very well evident even if different between the image. The problem is that currently elves in bg3 just way too much like humans. They lack totally for the most part the distinct facial tracts elven have. Tracts that were present more or less in the picture you posted. To me the elven head in bg3 must be redone. Or simply swapped to the half elves. There is not currently an head in bg3 for elves that represent how elves should like. Wotc is pretty clear in the elven descriptions how they look like. Also FR has is own races of elves that are well decribed on how they appear the color of the skin eyes and hair and that's also important because this features are what distinguish an elven race for another. For istance i can't come to you and tell.. Ohhh i want to make a drow but i want his skin to be pinkish and her hair to be pink!... You could say to me. But that's not what a drow looks like. And i could tell you: Hey don't kill off my fantasy i want it to look like that. And with that i would trow down an entire background and race distinction down to the toilet.