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So, do you exclude that over the many years of coexistence, some races have exchanged experiences and technological advances or just stolen them?
And for you, a fantastic race must necessarily be alien and incomprehensible, both physically and socially?

Not some, all of the playable races in D&D look similar enough to the humans. That's why I disagree with the 'elves are an alien species' argument; there is nothing alien about them. To make it clear: I don't care if a fantasy race is basically a " copy&paste, only make it fashion" version of a human. But, as I wrote before, I don't have any respect for unoriginal lore like that.

D&D is a setting of "borrowed" features. Heck, from what I remember the Tolkien estate sued at some point, because they "borrowed" too much. And so they had to change the lore.