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That was a very long appeal to authority there, and it just made me want to register in order to respond.
I don't particularly care what WoTC think after they created the absolute blunder that was 4th edition, that clearly signaled that they have neither respect nor love for the setting or good taste in art, they merely went out of their way to appeal to the lowest common denominator to make their products more marketable, and that is a bussiness decision.

I do not respect bussiness decisions when it comes to world building, lore and storytelling.
I am siding against ethnic representation in non-human races simply because they are not human.
I think many already said in this topic that elves sohuld look more elfy, so the gotcha that Kagha looks caucasian is not going to work because well... we don't like that either.

We want elves to be their own distinct group without human baggage being projected upon them, and elves are incredibly diverse in D&D.
If you want to play a darker skinned elf, there are so many choices: wild elves, moon elves, sun elves, drow, etc etc, but the idea that elves are somehow representatives for your real-life grievances (or that they should be representatives) is just a clearly political move that has no place in a fantasy setting. Now I understand that for WoTC everything is about profit margins now, but if you water everything down to realworld politics, you will lose the spirit of this setting and it will become the grey blob that all other settings tend towards. Now of course, maybe the damage is already done and I'm just shouting at the coming abyss, but I thought I put my 2 cents out there, after all why shouldn't I? If nobody cares I might as well just say it anyway.

Also I just have to put this out there...
Why is it that only your side should always get what they want? Because that's what always keeps happening.
You invade a fandom, turn it upside down, totally ruining it for everybody else and you just dismiss every complaint by posturing yourself to be on the right side of history.
I just want to play my damn videogames without harrasment, but apparently everything has to be about how liberals are so righteous and benevolent... except they are not.
When will somebody care about what my side of politics want? When will somebody care that I want to rpeserve some sense of canon? Should I complain and bellyache about how some characters had sex before marriage becasue I'm more of a traditionalist? Would I be listened to? No! I would be ridiculed!

Seriously, why does the entire world has to be about you getting your way while pretending to care about other people? How long will people put up with people like you? This will be my first and last post here so damn the consequences: Screw you and screw people like you, I fucking hate your liberal guts and I hope that one day you will understand what it's like to have everything taken from you so that you know what it's like to be the people you keep dispossessing with your bullshit. We can't even have a realm of fantasy without your fucking meddling.
Fuck you.

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