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I just want to play my damn videogames without harrasment,

You're probably not going to be receptive to this at the moment, but if you consider people asking for more diversity in character customisation as harrasment of you then your perception of reality is unhealthily skewed. Not just for society in general, but for yourself. As your post demonstrates you'll just end up getting extremely angry and fester around an irrational sense of victimhood because you've convinced yourself that people are out to get you. When really, it's nothing to do with you.

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When will somebody care about what my side of politics want? When will somebody care that I want to rpeserve some sense of canon? Should I complain and bellyache about how some characters had sex before marriage becasue I'm more of a traditionalist? Would I be listened to? No! I would be ridiculed!

When? There are many places in the world, and many prominent political parties, that have these kind of views that most western nations consider antiquated. You're not entitled to people caring about your views just because you have them. People will care about your views if they're something worth caring for. And history has pretty firmly shown that views regarding restrictions for premarital sex are not views worth caring about, all they aim to do is rob people of liberty and punish them for unjustifiable reasons.

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