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Lots of people have said it, especially well by black_elk on the first page, but if larian/wotc are going down the road of "elves pretty much look like humans with pointy ears" then there is no reason why then have to just be white people. I already made the point that imo I would like elves to be more alien, like eldar & dark eldar are done in 40k, with facial features which arerather different from humans in general, but since that currently seems unlikely (but not impossible!) I don't see any forgotten realms lore that says that elves, if they are to look like humans with pointy ears, must only look like (reskinned) white people with pointy ears.

I'll say again that I wish elves in were more alien looking and acting in general, which I think would fit well with the idea of elves, but if that is not going to happen there seems to be no reason to get worked up specifically about wanting elves to only have caucasian bone-structure or something like that, rather than say wanting elves to look more wierd and "elvish".

edit: as it stands, with the approach that larian has chosen it feel like player choice should be king, or indeed queen.

And sadly that approach is killing the unique tracts of a race. I would love for Larian to listen to this.