I'm just saying before I speak that I am indeed a person that usually draws my elven characters to look more humanish, and am very loose with a lot of lore aspects, so I'm sure that I have a bias that others don't have.

I agree that there should be more face shapes/ adjustments in the menu, I think it would make the character creator much more versatile and fun! Maybe there could be face options that are traditionally elven, more humanlike, and maybe something in the middle. I understand creating your ideal self in a game like this; the menu is really fun and it's cool making a fantasy version of yourself to play around with!! I'm hoping that as development goes further, deeper customization options will be added for all of the races.

"i straight up thought that gale was shouting 'eat this!!' when he was casting fire bolt
like yeah dude!!! eat that!!! break his legs!!!!" - Socrates