Would love to see more features that include almost a "persian or arab" look, I use this loosely as it's such a variety in itself but I'm not entirely sure how to express this as I'm not great at explaining things! But I'll give it a good ol go

I would just like to see more males and female with more wide set or hooked noses, even narrow noses! (I understand that is not a feature all persians and arabs have but it is what a majority do)

(I know I just specified a race of people but I dont want to make this about that I just want to bring up a personal issue I have with the lack of "persian" or "arab" features)

I just find that a majority of the options are quite eurocentric which is obviously not a negative thing at all (since again that is a variety in itself and that's always good to include options so I'm by no means suggesting take any of these features out) but it's almost disheartening to see that there isnt many options for POC!

I understand it's still EA and they might add more, (I hope) I just want to express that if they do it would be nice to feel included, even if it's just as simple as adding a new head with a more defined nose!
I understand that it's only character creation and I shouldn't be too worried or concerned because the game itself is remarkable! But again it's nice to feel included since I hardly see any game characters with similar features to my own!