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It's the work of just a couple of seconds on google to find plentiful great material on non-white elves. Given that the game already has such a diverse range of skin, hair and eye colours/patterns it would be great to have some new faces to be able to make characters as awesome as this. Hope Larian listens to this feedback smile


Those are all awesome! I'd love to see some elves like this in the game.

Those pictures are very nice however no i don't want to see faces like that on elves. Rotate a bit more the eyes make the nose a little longer and they would be fitting for wild elf or wood elf tho. The second one all it neded is just a little inward rotation on the eye line and would be perfect.

This doesn’t bother me hugely, but I agree that these don’t really look elven enough to me (face shape wise). In a world where half-elves exist, I think elves should be more distinct. These all feel like half-elves to me. I think the LOTR movies could be partly to blame – because of the difficulties of casting, many of the elves weren’t at all otherworldly. The two actual half-elves in those movies (Arwen and Elrond) were basically just humans with slightly pointy ears.