Allow us to take the templates the premades have in character creation, such as vamp spawn for example.

But the option to play your premade characters?

Yawn. This isn't your other games, from what I read in the forums, people here are not interested in it.

But templates? Hidden areas that are template specific?

Like making a druid, that has a option to join the shadow druids, and open a whole different line.

Or playing as a goblin or hobgoblin starting in the camp, and has a different angle on the tadpole - you start out just recieving the tadpole.

So instead of origins, allow a choice to play from the angle of invernus, the angle of the mindflayers, the angle of the tieflings, the angle of the goblins.
All would be in the same area, but all would have different goals and objectives.
The mindflayers might even have dug out a spot near their crashed ship in a cave to lick their wounds,

Just typing that makes my heart skip a beat, and it sticks with the tadpole story line.

Which I still want more origin options than tadpoles... but different angles on the tadpole, I would be more than happy with too!