There are numerous threads about all the origine characters needing to go to horny jail at the tiefling party event.

Yes it is jarring to see characters you barely interacted with that closely suddenly wanting the PC that badly or outright declaring the PC lost their chance to get into those pants.

Yes its very odd.
Larian would need to fix it and hopefully they eventually will.

Edit: just note I am not saying lets remove romance. What I meant was it is too sudden and too hard.

Larian. If you are listening please add flirty dialogue lines through out the Act 1 adventure.
Then this would trigger a romance flag if the player WANTS to romance these characters.
Do the same for Act 2 and maaaaaybe Act 3... if no one triggers these romance flags then the friendship flag should he raised with the party members acting as very close friends instead of very, very horny teenagers.

I personally would choose the flirty dialogue sprinkled across the game than the mo-cap romance scenes. I appreciate you went through the effort of making them but without good pacing it just feels awkward as hell.

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