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And I hope they also remove playersexuality and isntead give every companion a defined sexuality instead.
Yes, playersexuality as cheap way to basically double the amount of romances you have, but it also makes those romances and NPCs generic and bland.

That doesn't mean that there can't be bisexual NPCs, but they should always be bisexual which is part of their character (See Kingmakers Regongar and Octavia) instead of spontaneously becoming bisexual if the player gender demands it.

But then you can't romance everyone and everything in the romance game frown

No, i agree. Making everyone bisexual doesn't make sense because, somehow someway, Faerun is just a place where anyone with a pulse will get with anyone with a pulse, it's just a cheap way of handling it. Hell, aren't drows traditionally pretty racist, pretty evil and pretty matriarchal? Why would a female drow who stands by all that, thinking about Minthara, get emotionally attached to some male halfling?

And why would Asterion hump a halfling? half the blood.

Dirty halflings.