Here is the list of Topest Priority items that need to be addressed before the game can be released.

List of the cheeses that need inclusion:
Elturelian Grey cheese (aka Stonework or Dwarfcheese, Elturel is up the Chionthar river, East from Baldur's Gate)
Vilksmaarg (popular in taverns on the Sword Coast)
Farmer's Cheese (a local cottage cheese)
Rothé Cheese (from the underdark, but specific varieties are unknown. Would be known to Dwarves and Drow)

List of Possible Cheeses for inclusion.
Warderdavian Cheese *Done* (From the Sword Coast North).
Nut Cheese (Multiple local varieties from the Savage Frontier)
Mist Cheese (referred to by Elves as Ethereal cheese, from the Savage Frontier)
Arabellan Cheddar (not local, but 'travels well')
Death Cheese (Possibly known to outsiders like Githyanki/Lae'zel via a restaurant in Sigil)
Churlgo Cheeses (three varieties of hard, soft, and runny cheeses made by a halfling family near Daggerford. Known for being an aquired taste and for being the type of cheese in the "Suzail Cheese Incident" This cheese was featured in the Neverwinter Nights module Darkness over Daggerford and was in operation around 1370 DR or about ~125 years before the events of Baldur's Gate III)

List of Cheeses for Exclusion
Lurien Spring Cheese (causes addiction and hallucinations in Halflings; would likely cause game balance issues).