Look noone should be locked out of content they want to experience based upon something like the race or gender of their chosen character. If someone is willing to associate with you and work along side you, chances are there are conditions under which they would consider sleeping with you. Not always, but often, that is why workplace romance and infidelity is so fucking common. Raise your hand if you have ever fucked around with a coworker without having planned it or intended to. That is reality.

I would love to see asexual characters who aren't interested in a relationship, with anyone, under any circumstances, but if a character is romanceable they should be romanceable for everyone. That is also life. Ever found yourself dating someone who wasn't on your radar?

The easiest way to fix what is really wrong with relationships in the game as they are now is to simply make them earned. Flings are easy, relationships take work. It would be great if the game had sufficient depth and nuance that you can fuck up what you have going with another character by moving too fast or too callously, and end up alienating or even losing them. it would also be great if they made pursuing a character you were really interested in taking effort, understanding, insight, and gestures of genuine devotion. Passing up the chance to fuck them in order to build meaningful trust, respect, and appreciation. I have made a few life long friendships with women simply because I didn't take advantage of what they offered when they were feeling vulnerable or very willing but also very wasted.

I know some of you are pretty young, and there are probably even a couple of you on this board who aren't dudes, but as a guy who spent their twenties in the service and pursuing meaningful weekend relationships in every port we hit all over south east Asia, the hunt is always better than the kill. Sex is great, but its that evening of seeing a girl who seizes your interest, impressing her and gaining her confidence, having some exciting moments, then sharing something afterward which heightens the experience and makes it memorable -well, in the short term anyway. Eventually it will all kind of blur together and fade into vague impressions but that isn't the point. My point is, sex is always good but when its great its mostly because of everything that leads up to it not simply the thing itself.

And lets face it, that Teifling party isn't. It isn't great. It isn't even a party. I mean, its tantamount to fucking middle school "parties" chaperoned by parents with Lays and Pepsi in the school gym. Nothing about it feels exciting or jubilant. That entire bit is tone deaf and utterly unconvincing, from beginning to end, every detail. The devs seriously need to get out more. Hit Ibiza, Rio, the Hope opener or one of the Jupiter Island after parties at Sint Maartin or hell even Burning Man, Coachella, and Mardi Gras which are all pretty trashy and terribly overrated. These are people who just came out the other side of certain death hanging around making small talk like they are at a corporate bbq on a mandatory fun day.

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