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And lets face it, that Teifling party isn't. It isn't great. It isn't even a party. I mean, its tantamount to fucking middle school "parties" chaperoned by parents with Lays and Pepsi in the school gym. Nothing about it feels exciting or jubilant. That entire bit is tone deaf and utterly unconvincing, from beginning to end, every detail. The devs seriously need to get out more. Hit Ibiza, Rio, the Hope opener or one of the Jupiter Island after parties at Sint Maartin or hell even Burning Man, Coachella, and Mardi Gras which are all pretty trashy and terribly overrated. These are people who just came out the other side of certain death hanging around making small talk like they are at a corporate bbq on a mandatory fun day.

On that point, I just had flashbacks of every shit videogame depiction of a party. Are there any good ones?

I don't think people who let loose usually end up in the game industry, or maybe it's difficult to simulate it in a game when the player is so boringly sober.