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Please do NOT scrap origins!
I love all these characters and I want to play as them!
If anything full voice-acting for the custom character should be scrapped because it's not even done yet and as such it would not be a waste!
I want to play as companions, in fact that's pretty much what I do in all Baldurs Gate games! (Currently playing BG2 as Minsc).

Please Larian do not listen to these people, I love your ideas about playable companions, and I also loved playing as Red Prince in DoS2
Even though there are many people who complain about you, know that I support what you are doing and I consider the gameplay so far to be absolutely amaizng and satisfying!
Please don't scrap origins!

You're playing as a BG2 companion without the origin system, so what's the problem?

The problem is that making it happen is easy with BG2.You just choose the portrait of a given character, assign them the same stats and download their voiceset. That's it!

Making that happen in BG3? Good luck!
You can't select Astarion's voice acting and headmorph in character creation either, so that's off the table as well!

I'm really looking forward to play as the origin characters, in fact that's the main appeal of the game for me if they force a voice acted protagonist on us!
If I get stuck with a voice acted MC AND I can't play as origin characters, I will not buy the game. Something's gotta give.