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On that point, I just had flashbacks of every shit videogame depiction of a party. Are there any good ones?

I don't think people who let loose usually end up in the game industry, or maybe it's difficult to simulate it in a game when the player is so boringly sober.

I dunno. I remember turning up to a RL party just as it was ending because I'd stupidly decided I needed to go and see some concert (by myself) and late evening when it'd ended I had to find my car in the middle of London and drive across several counties to get there.

All that was left was a bunch of smelly drunken bastards who were in various states of unconsciousness and who would periodically wake up demanding to know if I'd brought more booze, mumbling something incoherently and laughing loudly and would then fall asleep and piss their pants. Were I as drunk as them I'd've probably thought it was the most awesome time ever. I wandered off and went to sleep.

J'aime le fromage.